NOTE: 2018 Competitive Tryouts

Provincial Levels on September 5th, 2018 at 6:00 pm

National and above Levels on September 7th, 2018 at 8:15 pm


The Home of Olympians. The past success stories about the athletes that have become Olympians from the grand coaching offered at Skyriders Trampoline Place Inc. has brought many aspiring athletes through our doors since February 2, 1990. From the coaching given by Dave Ross, Canadian Olympic Coach and Owner, and other highly qualified coaches our facility has succeeded time and time again to produce the most outstanding athletes for more than 25 years. Our facility offers competitive classes for all levels of competitive trampolining, training camps for our competitive athletes of certain levels, recreational programs for all ages, and group bookings. Unfortunately we do not offer birthday parties, our facility is not equipped with a party room, you are more than welcome to book as a group though.

Our facility offers top of the line equipment, from Rebound Products, that is developed by Dave Ross himself. This allows our athletes to mainly focus about their abilities and perfect their skill sets. All of our trampolines are in-ground, making it a safer environment for jumping. There are tones of throw mats all around to ensure that athletes feel safe, and have the equipment needed to push to the next level. There is also two pulley systems for harness use, and two bungee systems. Theses systems allow athletes to go through progressions of a skill without worrying about landing upside down, breaking down the skill for the athlete to become more aware of where they are during the skill and how it should be properly executed. Our facility is also home to the most power trampoline in the world, Super Tramp, developed by Dave Ross. The benefits of this trampoline are Super, pardon the pun. The trampoline is larger in size than a normal competitive trampoline and gives athletes more air time, if they are brave enough to push for it, allowing athletes to do harder skills that they may not be ready to do on a normal competitive trampoline. This gives the athlete time to practice and become comfortable with the new skill and easily transfer that skill to a normal competitive trampoline. Our coaches find that this helps our athletes progress faster and further than other athletes’ at other gyms. With powerful trampolines and athletes being able to fly higher in the air than before it is a great thing that our facility has a ceiling height of at least 27 ft. Not stopping our athletes from trying to go higher, however we have had a few of our every top athletes grab the ceiling for fun on super tramp, who does not want to say they can touch the ceiling when the ceiling is that high. Our coaches also encourage having fun while still training hard. Our belief is that athletes should be able to find the joy of trampolining even when it comes to training to meet or exceed competition standards.

Athletes will make life long friends that have similar interests, and an open minded and safe environment at our facility. We try to provide our athletes with skill sets that do not only let them win in competitions, but also in life.